sábado, junio 04, 2005

ThE WeeK oF ThE LoVe ( FiRsT TaLe)

SuBWaY'S TaLeS..

Im WaiTiN' 4 SoMeOne ...

And I WaTch The SuBWaY's GoiN' WiTh ThE SeCoNDS ...... anD iM HeaRin' a GirLS VoiCe IN The HeaDPhoNes . SuDDenLy I sEE yOU TroUgHT The GLaSS.. And U'rE LiKE sEAtEd , I guEEs U'Re LooKiN' At Me , I reaLLy DOnt Know, And I FeeL NerVoUS,... ThatS WhY I bEGan To WriTe .. As yOu Do.. BuT u'Re Not NerVoUS.. U'Re OnLy WriTin'.

aND My FrienD HadnT aPPear , WhoM aRe U WaiTing fOR? Do u Have aLso a Date? is OnLY uR Friend? Wat aRe u ThINKiNG? What Are u LoKKiN'' oN mE?

WhiLe U'Re WriTiNg i Do .. i Try To Do The SaMe BuT... dO U hAvE SoMeTHING eLSe? Or Is JusT ME DreaMiN' AgaIN?....... SuddenLy . u LooK LiKe iF u WeRe ReaDy To Go aWay........ And I FeeL bAD.

aND iM sTiLL LOoKiN' At You... TrouGht The EmerGenCy GLaSS .. I dOnt Know Why. .. U sTOP WrITiN' ... And I BEgan To SInG.. aRE u LooKiN ME? dID U hEArd My VoICe? Or MaYbe ArE U TryIn' To KnoW WhaT AM i WriTiNg...... BuT.. u'Re ReaDy To Go.. aND The Glass HaS dESaPpeaRed .. JusT LiKe That... FinALLy .. U TaKe The SuBWay.. aND U're wHiSpErIN' sOmeTHiN' For me... I NEvER gONnA Know..